Street art in Graz, Austria

Graz, Austria’s second largest city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, might not be explicitly known for its street art, but there are a couple of places in town where artists have transformed decaying and desolate walls into murals. While I personally dislike and condemn graffiti that vandalizes private property, there are some decent examples of street art that were mostly painted legally. Some of the art works are easy to

Murinsel: Graz's most underappreciated attraction has reopened and it's seriously impressive!

After six months of renovation works, the Murinsel has finally reopened for visitors. Loved by visitors and often woefully underappreciated by locals, the “island in the Mur” now features a new café, a showroom and a designer souvenir shop. The floating platform in the Mur river was built back in 2002 as a new attraction for the 2003 European Capital of Culture. The idea was to combine nature with the