Graz and beyond

The tripoint of Austria, Slovenia and Hungary

The tripoint of Austria, Slovenia and Hungary is located on a hill, east of Tauka in Austria, north-east of Kuzma in Slovenia and west of Felsőszölnök in Hungary, at 387 meters above sea level. The name of the hill means tripoint in all three languages of the bordering countries: Dreiländereck in German, Tromejnik in Slovenian and Hármashatár in Hungarian. A monument is located exactly on the tripoint of the three

Summer in Odessa, Ukraine (2016)

Odessa (Ukrainian spelling: Odesa) is Ukraine’s third largest city, located on the Black Sea coast. Odessa is a major seaport and transportation hub and an attractive tourist destination. Mainly frequented by Ukrainian and Russian tourists, Odessa is known for its beaches, clubs, nightlife, but also for cultural events. There is a huge variety of restaurants and bars, catering to all culinary tastes. In this video, you can see some footage

Walking around Lviv, Ukraine

Walking around Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine with more than 700.000 inhabitants. The city boasts historical and cultural treasures from different parts of history. Lviv is a real treasure in Eastern Europe. For visitors from Western Europe, the price level is still very low, while food and accommodation are excellent. There are a lot less tourists than in places like Prague, Budapest or Krakow. The